Students & Parents

Trying to choose a career path when you’re still making your way through the trials of high school or college can be an intimidating task. But sometimes all it takes is a little bit of focus to begin finding the course that will take you to your ultimate goal—a career that will make you happy.

The journey might have pitfalls, though. The uncertainty experienced by many students during these formative years can result in a lot of mind-changing: an estimated 80 percent of students change their majors at least once, and most will change majors at least three times before they graduate.

The Vocacional Online can help you avoid some of these difficulties. This easy-to-complete, 5 -10 minute test asks about your interests, aspirations, and skills. At the end of the test, a report is instantly produced.The report includes…

  • A three-letter Summary Code that represents the three personality types that best describe the individual’s work personality.
  • A list of occupations that correspond to the code.
  • A list of the fields of study that correspond to the code.
  • A brief description about your personality.

By taking the test early in middle school or high school, you’ll be able to use the list of fields of study to help you find an educational focus that will lead you to the right college. Take it again after you’ve settled on a college to help you narrow down your major. And use the list of occupations that correspond to your code to select the fields you may be interested in entering once you’ve graduated.

It’s a no-brainer—the Vocacional Online is a low-cost, easy-to-use career interest inventory that will help you find a focus, find a path, and find your future.